It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. Formation of Bright Future Pakistani International School was a head start towards the journey of success, excellence, and commitment. Prime motive behind the establishing this institution was paying back to the society by providing a better educated, well groomed and more cultured generation that upholds true spirit of morals and ethics.

Educational philosophy of the school is self narrated in its motto “We are the future.” Future demands us to be ready for ever challenging and endless environment, and the best way to cope these oddities is to equip ourselves with the latest knowledge.

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Bright Future Pakistani International School provides quality education encompassing academic excellence with over all personality development and grooming of the students. The school follows British Curriculum, Edexcel and Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad, Pakistan. This institution is committed to provide a very conducive and congenial learning environment. We value the diversity of our students and believe in offering them equal opportunity to reach their full potential through a well designed curriculum. We are committed to adopt best practices and strategies that address individual needs, continuous improvement and provide guidance to the students to make them self directed, lifelong learners, critical thinkers and responsible citizens.